Sunday, October 7, 2012

Car DVR Camera: Monitor and Protect Your Valued Automobile

Automobile theft is one of the most common crimes worldwide. Countless cars go missing every day. Although the police force in some countries track down suspects, many criminals go unidentified. Surveillance cameras are the most useful tools in identifying suspects of various crimes, whether in banks, hotels, malls, schools, and so on. When such a technology is available, why not use the same to seize car thieves?
Overview of Car DVR
A car DVR camera recorder is an extremely practical device. It can record several hours of footage. When the wireless camera is installed in your car, it records everything that goes on in and around your car. Just like a CCTV installed in a store, you can record and monitor your valued car. The gadget has a convenient design and is very lightweight, allowing you to install it anywhere in your car.
Multifaceted Car Cameras
A large number of car owners are realizing the importance of this type of car monitoring system. The rise in demand for car video camera recorder has pushed the industry to manufacture more technologically advanced devices. From a single video monitoring facility, cameras have moved on to provide multifunctional features. You can find car surveillance cameras have all-in-one functions such as HD recording functions, still image taking, external USB port, GPS navigation, and digital video. What's more, you can even use the car recorder to capture special moments in your life.

You can mount either a two recorders or a single unit with two dual lenses if you want to cover more periphery of your vehicle. The more view you can record, the more proof you have.
Records Road Accidents
The wireless car DVR camera recorder is also a useful tool during a road accident. The police are in a better position to know who caused the mishap. Roads today have become a haven of automobile accidents. Despite countless traffic regulations, drivers continue to misbehave and drive as they place, putting the innocent at high risk of fatality. A live video footage is the best witness you can provide to the law to solve the mystery.
Car DVRs are certainly a cost-effective solution to your pricey car. It's a good idea to invest in a high quality car video camera recorder than pay heavily for a lost or damaged vehicle. Moreover, it can certainly be used to take casual photos of your family and friends if you forgot to bring a camera.

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